Prescribing Web 2.0 Solutions For Your Business

tell me what you dont like


Common answers we hear are, “I hate my website – not enough traffic.”  or  “I don’t have enough customers.”  “GOOGLE can not find me!”  or “I need to reach a wider audience.”

You tell us your symptoms and we’ll help you find the cure.
We are the business M.D.s, Michael Snell and Derrick Sorles.

Utilizing the Internet, we can help bring “pull” new business to you!

You have a website – great!  That’s one seed.
We know where and how to plant a hundred  more seeds because wouldn’t you rather have a full-blooming garden?

85% of People Find What They Are
Looking For by Using Search Engines.

Can Consumers Easily Find Your Business by  Search?

Or look at it like this, if you have only a website today, that’s like having a billboard out in a cornfield on a dirt road.

Wouldn’t you rather have your billboard on a busy freeway where thousands and thousands of people can see it?

New studies show that companies that blog, have 55-75% more website visitors and up to 70-85% more leads per month than those who do not. These stats make it clear that blogging is a critical piece of a company’s inbound marketing strategy.

Let us help you take your business to the next level.

Let us put our expertise to work for you!  Since 2005, we have invested and studied for over 20,000  real time hours. (10,000 hours  makes someone an EXPERT).

With all the noise in the market, it’s hard to sort through the Clutter and Confusion and Identify the Social Media Tools that result in New Sales Opportunities. We’ll walk you through the Tools You Should Use and how to integrate them to help bring eyes to you and/or what you do or offer.

We can be your mentor. We have BEEN THERE and DONE THAT. We can guide you because we know the terrain, the pitfalls and the challenges. We know what to do – and more importantly, what NOT to do! We can save you valuable time and teach you what we have already learned and figured out.

We are your business Marketing Doctors!

Michael Snell, Marketing Strategy, M.D.
Derrick Sorles, Business Strategy, M.D.

Your Business M.D.s
Providing business blog consulting and networking strategies
for your online business opportunities.


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Website vs Blog – Web 2.0 and Social Media Marketing


It really amazes me that in the last 7 years, the blogosphere has really exploded. And we have been evangelists, spreading the word about this medium and on using the Internet to reach new customers and bring new eyes to you and your business.  And yet every week, I run into people who still don’t get it. We have numerous articles on this site that explore all of the aspects and advantages of blogs, Web 2.0 and Social Media. It should be a no-brainer!

If you have only a website today, that’s like having a billboard out in a cornfield on a dirt road. Wouldn’t you rather have your billboard on a busy freeway where thousands and thousands of people can see it???

Some people get it – some people don’t. Since we have  LIVED   THIS  since 2005, we understand it,   inside  and   out!  We have invested over 20,000 hours between us, “blogging”!  I  grew up living at the library! (remember those?!) 

But delivery of information changed the world when Google joined the game 12 years ago with a mission to digitize the world! You have a question? Google it! You will find your answer in seconds!
BLOG  is an ugly word for many people – and it is misunderstood and underutilized!  They started out as boring junky journals. A place for people to vent, share their thoughts, whatever. They have now become robust online magazines!  The top bloggers in the world  figured out the more they post, the faster their audience grew. 

    What is a Blog? The Lines Continue To Blur…

Wikipedia defines blogs as:

A Blog (a contraction of the term “Web log”) is a Web site, usually maintained by an individual with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video. Entries are commonly displayed in reverse-chronological order.

The Blogosphere is the collective community of all blogs. Since all blogs are on the Internet by definition, they may be seen as interconnected and socially networked. Discussions “in the Blogosphere” have been used by the media as a gauge of public opinion on various issues.

But as the Blogosphere grows in size and influence, the lines between what is a blog and what is a mainstream media site become less clear. Larger blogs are taking on more characteristics of mainstream sites and mainstream sites are incorporating styles and formats from the Blogosphere. In fact, 95% of the top 100 US newspapers have reporter blogs.
Blogs are the NEW website. So you can have an old-school website, out in the  cornfield…or a new-school website on a super highway. Or have both, and just link them together.  

We live in an information society!  And people want their  news, media, entertainment  NOW – not on tonight’s TV news and not in tomorrows newspaper.
Ask any business – what do they want to accomplish? Reach new clients and/or potential customers! Well guess what? A website probably  won’t  do that. A website is simply a glorified business card or brochure online. It’s a one-way “push” source of information. 
ALEXA  a respected authority in the WEB industry, the top 100 “websites” are not websites at all. (for the most part)
they  are what we call  WEB  2.0  sites. Interactive sites. Streaming news sites. Most of them are updated hourly, daily or weekly. And/or they allow interaction with the public. People seek current, useful information and the public can now participate in the sharing.  (the #1  website in the world? GOOGLE!) 
Google (and most search engines)  know how to separate the good from the bad. There is a lot of garbage out there. There are “spammers” who try to weasel in and “work” the system. However, 9 times out of 10, Google will deliver you the best of the best information about what you are looking for.
Most people do not realize what has happened in the last few years.YELLOW PAGES  are dead. They are doorstops!  Google changed search. And Blogs  and  “new” information have taken over. And business owners can use this to their  advantage. 
This is the power  of blogs.  Providing information. Google  loves  freshness and they love information, that is why most websites don’t get indexed well. They are not fresh. They don’t provide useful information – they SELL. Also, most search robots cannot read a website fully, because of the crazy code used and complicated  bells and whistles people add to the site to make it  fancy, to make it  “pretty”.  Search robots will shut down, and walk away.
You have to PUSH people to websites.  60-90% (usually)  of all website traffic, is usually  direct hits. Pushed  traffic. People who already know the name of your company or have the web address.  The information these websites provide usually does not attract the search robots.
You can PULL  people  to a blog. It can attract   readers organically. 60-90%  (usually) of all blog traffic, usually comes in organically. They  find  YOU.  That’s the difference. That’s the beauty of blogs. It’s because they are written in a simpler code, it’s because  Google and robots can read them faster and easier, it’s because  search algorithms have gotten smarter! However, you have to understand how they work, the strategy behind a good publisher’s efforts, and what the search engines are looking for to win in the game of organic keyword search! And you have to provide information people are searching for. 

Google looks  for  freshness. The more you post, the more lift you get.  Most websites do not update very often.
Google  WEB  2.0   CONSULTANTS – we’re  on page one or two, out of 8,000,000  links!
Google  GAY  TRAVEL, we’re  on page  one, out  of  5,000,000  links!
Google  MINIATURE  YORKIE – we’re on page one, out of 1,000,000 sites!
Google   BUSINESS  BLOGGING, we are usually on page one  or  two, out of 10,000,000 sites.
Google  SKULL ART,   under images  – we represent an artist, who wanted a website – and we talked him into a blog.   He is  ALWAYS   on page one!  In the last 6 months, he has sold  8,  $3000  pieces of art  AND  been picked up by 3 galleries, all because  they found him and his  “blog”.  –  which is really just  a website that he updates about every  12 weeks!
Google  GAY  ANAHEIM   – we have an article usually on page on
e or two.  The city of Anaheim and the Orange County Tourism board discovered we  were always on page one  for  GAY  TRAVEL. They wanted to be there too –  and expose their amazing city to gay travelers. They flew us out there, and wined us and dined us, all expenses paid, to get us to cover them. Because the saw the  power of our site. Last month alone, we got phone calls from MTV,  LOGO  TV, and press releases from 10 different companies, all asking us to help them promote something or they wanted to buy an ad on our site! They came to us.
Any business-any industry-can benefit. Anyone can set up a blog! It’s cheap. We can  help get you there quicker, by shortening the learning curve. That’s why people come to us. They don’t want to spend 6 months figuring it out and make the top 10 mistakes most people make. 
We made the mistakes. We learned from the best. We studied online marketing. We have done tests and seen the results. I consider us experts, and I can say that confidently. We have launched over 50 blogs in the last 3 years. Our own 15 personal blogs rank in the top 2% in the world! Not many people can say that. – People come to us for our expertise and knowledge. They don’t want to have to recreate the wheel. Can we promise to get you on page one? NO. I don’t run Google. Do we get most clients on Page one? Yes! But it does depends on their keywords. If it’s a competitive word, its going to take a strong, mature blog.  We DO guarantee to get you brand new traffic. Traffic that find you. Traffic that never knew you existed!
We  have a wonderful  client here in Chicago who does electrolysis – permanent hair removal. She had a website and just was not happy. She heard us speak and she hired us to help her build her blog site. In 6 months – she has gotten more new clients, that have found her with the new site! And get this, she originally had about 2 dozen “keywords” that she thought people would find her by. We ran her analytics reports…over 5000  people found her using 2000 different keyword combinations! An old-school website can not deliver that. Period!
We have countless examples.  IT WORKS!  It may come in round about ways, but people will come and find you! People are still set in the old mindset though, I need a  website… but guess what? blogs are websites. They are the NEW  WEBSITES!  You just have to understand them and how they work, to maximize your information that you can share with the world!


 Web 2.0  Consultants and Strategists 
Derrick Sorles and Michael Snell – We Help “Pull”  New Business To You!
Your Business MD’s – Business Blog Consultants & Internet Marketers

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Is Your Business Blogging Yet? A Blog Can Bring New Eyes to Your Business

Is your website a glorified business card?

Are you even being “found” by search engines?

How much traffic do you get?
How do people find your website and what keywords do they use?

I met someone last year  that is a great example of not knowing what to do to promote their business in this new  Web 2.0 information age.  Liz Stapleton. She  is an expert electrologist here in Chicago. (And she was written up  recently in the Chicago Tribune about her blog.)

Liz had a good website – called  www. facereflections. com  –  but she made mistake number 1….a bad name. At least one of your main keywords, should be in your domain.  When you open the Yellow Pages (does anyone use those doorstops anymore?)  or when you search online, if you don’t know the name of the business you are looking for, you look through the category for what you need. You would look under electrolysis –  or  electrologist –  and probably look in your  area. So I would search for CHICAGO ELECTROLYSIS or CHICAGO ELECTROLOGY.  –  I like to search for “Best” when I search.  I will search for  BEST CHICAGO PIZZA.  BEST DIVORCE ATTORNEY CHICAGO.  BEST GAY TRAVEL. BEST BLOG CONSULTANT. And I usually only look through the first couple pages of Google and find what I need.

After hearing me speak about the possibilities of blogging and how it can attract new customers, Liz had me help her set up a blog. Step one was the name. For ease of remembering for her clients, since her main site was – she bought the domain www.facereflectionsblog.comthis has no search engine pull but would be easy for people to remember.

For her main domain she chose 2 with great keywords –  and  she also bought
So all three of the domains are used for the one blog.

Webistes are usually good selling tools. They describe your services, prices, location, hours, and all of the basics. A brochure of your services.  Sometimes companies will post some descriptive articles on their website. Or maybe they send out e-mail newsletters to exisiting clients. This is usually a good starting point for your content development.

A lot of clients ask “What am I going to blog about?” The answer: INFORMATION. What would someone be looking for, that could lead them to you. In Liz’s case, THE BIG MYTH ABOUT LASER HAIR HAIR REMOVAL, PERMANENT HAIR REMOVAL,  TRANSGENEDER HAIR ISSUES….Content is the attraction strategy. You are going to post information people are looking for you. The blog becomes your online newsletter. Your own little magazine. And you can post as often or as little as you want. However, think of it as a huge mall in the middle of nowhere, when you first set it up. Each time you post something, you are a creating a new road that leads people to you mall. Put up 10 posts, you have 10 roads leading to you. Put up 100 posts, you now have 100 roads leading to you. The more roads you build, the more ways search engines can index your information and lead people to you.

Not every reader of your information will be your client. If your services are local, of course only local readers can be your client. If your product or services are not localized, then the world is your market. Liz currently gets about 20-30 hits a day –  and most of that traffic is coming in by way of Google searches around her keywords and what she posts about. Pure organic traffic. She is “pulling” people to her, 24 hours a day.  In the last 3 months, 10 new clients have come to her through her blog and hired her!

Out of those 20-30 hits, which equals about 700-800 a month, she has readers in 78 countries! Most of the readers are in the United States, and a lot of hits come from the Chicago area, but is reaching a worldwide audience. As a blog grows, you can develop an audience. People who look to you as the  expert.  They may not be a client today, but they could be tomorrow. Or maybe they work with a group who might hire you to speak at an event. Or maybe  publisher will find your site and think your posts are terrific and offer you a book deal! The possibilities are endless. Blogs  blow away websites, print advertising, direct mail and even radio and TV advertising! Today the Internet has become the ultimate place to accelerate the flow of relevant information and the fastest growing form of media.

When you Google  “chicago electrolysis”  there are 2500 entries – Liz is on Page one!

When you Google “health and wellness expert” – there are 6200 entries, our client,
Dr. Gaziano is one page one with his blog

When you Google “gay travel” – there over 1,500,000 entries! And our site is on page one!

Is your website on page one, around your keywords? Probably not.

So why aren’t you blogging??

Derrick Sorles and Michael Snell – We Help “Pull”  New Business To You!
Your Business MD’s– Business Blog Consultants -Web 2.0  Consultants and Strategists 

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Organic Search Results are KING

I hope you are measuring your site’s traffic.

I was talking with a client the other day and asked, “so what keywords are people using to find you?” And the client had a glazed look on his face.  Then  I asked, “Do you know how many unique visitors you are getting a day?  or a month?” And the client had no idea.

So installed  Google  analytics into his site and followed up 30 days later. It appears he is getting 5-10 unique visitors a day – but, almost all the traffic is direct hits (meaning they  already know the client and his business  or were referred to the site, from his main website, business card email  signature.) 5%  were coming in by way of pure organic search. That’s not good.  That means he is losing, at the Google game. The “findability”  game.

We have 12 sites.  All of our  sites  attract  70-80% of all my readers, from pure organic search. That means they find me in top Google searches, for the keywords I want to be found for. Last month my 12 sites came up for  over 150,000 different keywords. THAT’s how people find YOU. Not paid place placement. Not paid search.  Pure ORGANIC search.

Organic describes a search that returns results by indexing pages based on content and keyword relevancy. This is in contrast to listings ranked based on who paid the most money to appear at the top of search results. Sometimes this is called “pure” or “natural search” as it is supposed to be “untainted” by commercial payments or bids. If people thought their searches returned nothing but a bunch of advertisements, they would stop searching.

For that reason these organic listings are pure, or at least the search engines want us to believe they are pure. Google has been praised heavily for returning what many have deemed the most relevant search results while keeping their revenue stream clearly isolated from the organic listing results.

As time passes though pressures have degraded Google’s search relevancy. If your site is set up properly, you do your posts properly, position your posts for Google search, THEY WILL INDEX YOU! And you will ATTRACT readers. SEO Tips to Improve Organic Rankings There are many stages to achieving great organic listings.

– Scope out the competition to see how competitive your keyword landscape is.

Decide what keywords you want to use prior to making your site (and before each page), and include them in your meta tags , page copy, page title, and file names when possible. –

Your site should be easy to navigate and search engine friendly. – Submit your site to the directories – and share your site link in Social Networks. – Build a linking campaign. (Link building is the single most important step to EFFECTIVE SEO.) If you are not getting at least, at the very low end 50% of your traffic from pure organic search – you are doing something wrong. Get Help!!

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Can Your Business be Found online? Or Are You Invisible?

Our number one complaint from new clients, when we ask them what they don’t like about the current website, is that they don’t come up in search for ANYTHING!

They are basically

Of course they are!  MOST websites templates are not built for search.  You HAVE TO be using the right templates and know what your doing! They playing field has changed and most webmasters do not know how to play the new game of “findability”.

You HAVE GOT TO be able to ATTRACT new eyes, by way of the web and all of its Social Media strategies. Period. That’s the bottom line. If you are not doing that, they are are not going to survive.

Branding and  Development: LOOKS are everything. You want to create a superior and easily recognizable brand and/or image that promotes attention, loyalty, and profits. We can help you  increase your brand recognition by ensuring it is positioned appropriately, distinguished from your competition, and highly memorable.

Design:  Search optimized weblog design must also be user friendly. We will help you determine the objectives you would like your customers to reach while on your site. Then, we examine your site from the customer’s point of view, analyzing what your clients would like to see and what goals they come to your site to accomplish. The end result is a clean, fresh, and usable design built with you, your clients, and search engines in mind.

Search Optimized Weblog Design:  We are experienced search engine optimization professionals who have spent over 20,000 hours in real time, understanding how to combine usable and search engine friendly design. We specialize in web design strategies that look beautiful and will help you rank well on search engines.

Content Development: Content is  KING! A clear content strategy is vital when you are creating a blog site. By developing unique content, with professional looking images, you can optimize your site for search engines and provide your clients with an experience they can’t get anywhere else. Our team can help produce professional, unique content that delivers a clear and optimized  message. AND CAN BE FOUND! It’s  NOT about selling –  your old website can do that. This new site, which is going to atttract readers, is going to show off your expert skills and knowledge.

Site Maintenance: We launch a new site, it is like a baby. It does not start running marathons overnight. It must be fed and nurtered.  We will help you systematically advance  your  site’s functionality, design, and content over time to steadily improve your search rankings. To achieve and maintain those high rankings, it is important to keep your website interesting, fresh, and in working order. We can you teach you everything you need to know –  or you can keep us on, to help you maintain the site.

No matter how great your content is, if a search engine can’t see it, it doesn’t count. It is NOT about  the code – and don’t let your webmaster tell you otherwise.  We build, and deploy aesthetically appealing websites using time-tested practices, which include usability, compatibility, and organic search engine optimization.

If you are not “attracting” new customers online….if your current site is  invisible to the search engine eyes, you need to call us, for a free consultation.  We can customize a package to fit anyone’s budget.

We are your business Marketing Doctors!

Michael Snell, Marketing Strategy, M.D.
Derrick Sorles, Business Strategy, M.D.

Your Business M.D.s  1-773-878-5323

Providing business blog consulting and networking strategies
for your online business opportunities.

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Komens Ship is Sinking with Planned Parenthood Nightmare

komen vs planned parenthood

You do realize the importance now of Social Media, right?

We live in a transparent world people!

We have told clients for years, what a powerful medium this is growing into. As of this month, 800 MILLION people use Facebook! They had 600 million last year.  And Twitter has 200 Million users. That’s a LOT OF CONVERSATION.

Social Media destroyed 3 decades of brand building in just 24 hours. Susan G. Komen for the Cure has been rebranded. In a bad way. 

Planned Parenthood made the announcement – and people around the world weighed in with anger, disgust, revolt and wrath! Within 24 hours, people dropped their support for Komen like a hot potato. They cut $900,000 out of their grant money and it will cost  Komen  MILLIONS and MILLIONS of dollars now.

Komen has faced a massive social media backlash since announcing the decision, with angry people flocking to its message boards and Facebook wall to announce that they will no longer donate to the breast cancer charity.


(FYI – After partnering with Planned Parenthood for the past five years to
provide cancer screenings to low-income patients, Komen announced on
Tuesday that it would sever ties with the family planning provider, and deny their $900,000 grant, because it is under investigation in Congress.
However, the Republican Senator and groups that prompted that investigation are anti-abortion advocacy organizations that have long criticized Planned Parenthood over the fact that some of its clinics offer abortions.

It spread like wild fire – Facebook and Twitter were swamped with pro-Planned Parenthood, anti-Komen comments.  At one point last night, Kivi Miller  did a quick count and found the ratio of anti-Komen’s decision to pro-Komen’s  decision to be about 80 to 1 on Twitter.

Their mission blow up aside, they completely failed to understand how
the Internet works, how news spreads, how a news cycle works, and the
political climate

(That’s another whole story!  The left side – Democrats – are using Social Media at high speed! Speaking out about the Republican’s  hourly! You have to admit, the Republicans have no one solid this year!)

But back to our story –   Komen knew they planned to make this decision for almost 1 year.  Their first mistake was they didn’t break the news, Planned
Parenthood did with a press release. So right from the beginning they
were not in control of the story. The story contained within the press
release spread like wildfire on twitter, Facebook, and on listservs of

And there’s absolutely nothing Komen can do to stop the story now. Even
if they were to announce that the people responsible for the decision
had been fired and the funds were being restored there’s plenty to keep
going. And a door has been opened for all sorts of activism that
wouldn’t have made an impact just 72 hours ago. New dimensions to this
story will surface on their own, or activists will take action to keep
the story going.

At the end of  all this, whenever that comes, Komen will be a completely different organization. By changing their mission and stepping into a political debate unprepared, they will have had their future written for them by others.


Business Blogging Consultants


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Karen Wickre from Google Offers Tips to Business Bloggers

Karen Wickre is a long-time business communicator, wordsmith & media specialist.

Karen has worked at Google since 2002, specializing in business writing and media relations. Karen first launched Google’s corporate blog back in 2004. Today the company has digital embassies for virtually every product. This armada spans dozens of blogs, Twitter profiles, YouTube and more recently, Facebook. She also developed Google’s corporate strategy using Twitter in 2009; in the first six months, @Google gained more than 2 million followers, making it one of the largest corporate Twitter accounts.

In a recent  Q & A she  offered –

What is the most important thing a company new to blogging should do?

Read other business, news, corporate blogs to get a feel for all that’s possible. Some are personal (ie an executive writes it), some are collaborative. Some blogs are all about ‘thought leadership’ and others are more about customer service and best practices. The main thing to do is get familiar with a wide variety (there is no single right way to do this), and begin to consider what *you* would want to say. 

What questions do good business blog posts answer?

Posts don’t literally answer questions so much as establish ground for the company. Do most posts offer useful or unique information? Do they reflect the company’s values and interests? Do they demonstrate the people behind the company/products?  Collectively, these are the things a good company blog should do.


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Associated Cities and GEO DOMAINS

This past week I had the honor of being interviewed by  Associated Cities.

We talked about all the benefits of blogging and how Geo Domains can really  benefit. 
ALL  BUSINESSES CAN BENEFIT in some way, shape, or form ~ PERIOD!

Because of the user-friendliness of blog software, many of these city sites can crank out immediate news faster with a blog than they could begin to with a website.  The blog should be a complement to the website and used as a dynamic online newsletter or magazine if you will, of current news, entertainment and relevant information capable of reaching a whole new audience of readers because of its organic keyword search potential and power!

Read the Interview on  Associated Cities.

Derrick   Sorles
Blog Consultant and Social Media Strategist

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Meta Tags – And Why Blogs Are Better Than Websites

I had a conversation with a client today and  she was very proud to tell me that she spent  $3000  on  some  SEO  work  which included  making  her  meta  tags  very  robust.  Yet, her website still comes up on page 26  for  her  keywords!

It is the belief of many, that Google  places  very little value, if any, on Meta  tags. Again, this is why blogs can give you more lift and better rankings. 

Google  looks  at the title,  the  anchor text of your links, the keywords used in your content, and proper use of tags in a blog.  All of these components, done properly and consistently, will raise you to the top of the search engines! GUARANTEED.

Quit wasting  money  on SEO  for your website.  Anyone can load up a website with a ton of meta tags. But Google is looking for relevance and consistency.

Despite the claims of some SEO companies and many people who have read a forum post about SEO so understand better than anyone how to SEO a website, the keywords meta tag is not used by Google as a part of its ranking algorithm… not even  a tiny bit! People have abused keyword meta tags, so now Google basically ignores them.

Google even blogged about its disinterest in the keywords meta tag here on its Webmaster Tools blog, together with a video showing little Google cares about the keywords meta tag. – There is a lot of valuable info actually in the Free  Google  Webmaster Tools,  under  Guidelines.
You should read it.

Derrick  Sorles
Michael  Snell
Business Blog Consulting, Web 2.0 and Social Media Strategists



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The Mayo Clinic “gets it” – Do You? – The Web 2.0 Benefits for Business


PLEASE tell me you have started a blog or at least, started to participate in Social Media Networking?!  

There was a great article this week about the Mayo Clinic in the Jacksonville Business Journal.

While we preach the benefits  of  Web 2.0 tools for  marketing and advertising, Mayo Clinic was looking to   use the technology to transform the access, delivery and dissemination of health information.


The Internet in its infancy, or 1.0, was all about accessing information. Think WebMD.

But where Web 2.0 describes the onslaught of user-generated content like Wikipedia or Yahoo Answers, Health 2.0 is defined by the use of social software and its ability to promote collaboration between patients and the rest of the medical industry.

Having a company Web site is so five years ago. Social media — the umbrella term for blogs, social networks, photo video and podcasts, and other user-generated mediums — is the new era.

And the possibilities are seemingly endless!

It’s a great article! Check it out!

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