Business Week claimed Blogs Will Change Your Business.

Two months ago, Forbes said Blogs Are A Way To Find New Customers.

In 1999, there were a handful (less than 50) blogs. As of Spring 2007, there are about 70 million and that number grows daily by about 120,000 per day! People blog on everything and anything. But more and more businesses are realizing blogs are a way to attract a new audience.

So why are blogs so different from websites? A website usually doesn’t change that often. A blog changes all the time, always being updated with new information. And we live in a information society. People read blogs often, like a their favorite magazine. Why?

  • To learn more about a certain topic.
  • To gather information from a trusted source.  
  • To get varied opinions on news, issues, and other matters of interest.
  • To find people with similar interests and ideas.
  • To be entertained with stimulating and/or humorous content.

    It is estimated that 25%-35% of Americans read blogs. And they are usually older, wealthier and click on ads!
    But the blog does not present a hard-sell. The business blog should be more than just an advertising tool. It should offer genuine and original content that can be utilized by potential readers in order for it to be successful.
    Business blogs provide your small business with a chance to share your expertise and knowledge with a larger audience. A powerful benefit for consultants and knowledge workers. Readers can become very loyal to blogs and later, possibly become your customer.

    Some of Forbes favorite blogs   – Auto – Art – Blogging

    www. – Career – City – Celebrity – Economics – Health – Medical – Music – Political – Shopping – Small Business – Sports – Technology

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