Testimonials From Clients

“I have had a fascination with blogging for some time. I believe with anything that I take on to learn from the best and to find mentorship. Derrick is without doubt the very best. I feel like I am truly ahead of what is about to explode in a technology and marketing arena. Because of Derricks enthusiasm and guidance I have a voice on the internet for my business and services. He has been a total champion for my work and my writing and taken the mystery out of blogging. I would and do recommend him without an ounce of hesitation. Blog: Best of Mother Earth bestwellnessconsultant.com/ Be sure to subscribe!!”    June 2007

Karen Hanrahan

“Derrick has been my guide to adapting to the world of Web 2.0. He enthusiastically shares his vision and passion. I heartily recommend Derrick and his services to any businessperson who wants to succeed in today’s global marketplace.”  June  2007

Bill Henner

“I have gotten several compliments about the quality of the content of my blog, as well as the layout. This team did a great job getting me up to speed so I could focus on what I do best, writing the content. My background is finance and management; NOT BLOGGING! Ideas with laying out the blog and selecting images really dressed up the blog site. The blog has been great for showing what makes my company different from hundreds of other consultants.”   October 2006

Jon Paul

“As a busy physician, I had NO time to spend pecking and hunting how to set up a blog. I really felt I needed to communicate to an audience that I could not reach in my exam room but felt frustrated by the technology.  With the expert help of  Derrick and Michael,  I was not only able to get a blog started in a matter of hours, but, I also learned how to interface with the rest of the blogging world. It makes my exam room international and also puts the world at my fingertips.
There’s nothing quite like getting your message out and getting started with the help of people that know what they are doing.”

Dr. Rima Bishara

“The training provided by the Blog Coaches/Consultants was extremely helpful in understanding the differences between a traditional website and a blog. They  helped set up my blog site and trained me how to maintain it.  It was a much more efficient approach than trying to teach myself through trial and error.  The money I invested  was well worth it!  And a blog is a very cost-efficient way of getting the word out.”

Susan L. Kane,
Author, Flying Over the Finish Line    

“I just wanted to take this opportunity to send you  a heart-felt thank you for the great teaching experience. I learned exactly what I was hoping to learn, thanks to you and your skills and knowledge. And I learned it in record time!   I am very excited about my blog’s potential.”

Thank you again,

Kind regards,
Erica Zalokar

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