10 Ways A Blog Can Drive Your Business

blogs are so reasonable to start and maintain that it is almost silly not to add the creation of one to your marketing mix. They don’t require you to learn HTML or to hire a designer or developer.

9. Search engines will find your blog, much faster than your website. Search engines index your ongoing knowledge sharing from your posts (entries). A blog should be full of activity, constantly updating with fresh information, key terms and search terms in your “permalinks” creating more ways for the search engine “spiders” to find your blog and lead customers and prospects to you.

8.  Blogs create an organic, powerfully evolving user experience.
  The personal nature of a blog helps humanize you and your organization. People who like and connect with what you have to say, your thoughts, feelings and beliefs, will want you speaking to them about your offerings on a regular basis. You can post daily or even just twice a week and still create connection with prospects and customers.

7.  Blogs build a stronger and more vibrant knowledge base.
  A blog can be an incredible tool for sharing information and expertise regularly. Kathleen Goodwin, CEO of iMakeNews, says business blogs “Can offer organizations a platform where information, data, and opinions can be shared and traded among employees, customers, partners, and prospects in a way previously impossible: a two-way, open exchange.”

6.  Prospects are searching the web via search engines for everything, including deals and opportunities.  No one listens anymore to sanitized marketing messages (which most of us have on our websites). A blog allows you to grow trust and credibility with your prospects by providing timely, important information that shows them why you are the one to choose over your competitors.

5.  You can develop yourself as the thought leader in your industry.
 If you know the best strategies for blogging, you will be able to grow your thought leadership exponentially. Just as with any amount of practice, the more you blog and know about blogs, the better you will be at it and, in doing so, you will become one of the top people in your field. 

                        Networlding. “You want to be the expert, the one people turn to for information. With today’s digital technology, you can create your own combination of magazine and talk show quality messages to highlight yourself on a blog.”

2.  Blog posts are on the web forever.  Remember when the only choice you had for marketing was either to send out expensive direct mail pieces, advertise in the newspaper or perhaps, even more costly, magazines? What was the shelf life of those marketing pieces—a day or, at best, a month? Now the investment of good content on a blog is forever, or at least as long as you decide to host the site.

1. If you aren’t out there, your competitors will be.
As you wait to decide what to do about blogging your competitors are out there connecting with your prospect base, building their online blog content and repository and growing loyalty positions for business today and tomorrow. They are also taking the time to find out what your other competitors are up to and matching or beating yours and their offerings. GET ON THE BLOG TRAIN NOW!


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