ANYONE CAN BLOG!  What is your message?

Marketers have found that blogs are excellent tools for communicating with their audience.
Anyone who has something to sell, something to say  or an idea to promote can benefit from
using blogs.

Corporations like Nike and GM are using blogs to build branding.
Microsoft and Sun are using them to communicate with the developer community.

Blogs have a number of advantages that make them excellent tools for communication.  They are cheap to install and require little or no technical expertise, most are template driven-very similar to writing an email or working in Microsoft Word. So the entry point for blogging is very low when compared to the expense of hiring a website designer.

While building a website is often out of the reach of most solo entrepreneurs, anyone can start a blog. If you can’t write or hate to write, thats fine! Use things like GoArticles and Ezine for your content! you can even start an audio or video blog. GURU is another source for talent. The possibilities are endless.


Blogs also help you create content that search engines love
, and encourage linking from a number of other bloggers  who write on similar topics. This makes them excellent tools for getting high search engine rankings and boosting your visibility. This is so important to your product or business.

They also encourage immediate responses from your readers and customers, so you can get feedback, tweak your campaigns and respond better to the market’s demands.

Blogs, and the RSS feeds they come with, help you syndicate your content online, boost your reach and influence and allow readers to control their communications with your company. Your blog can be your selling point and help your prospects opt for you and your services over those of others.

Whether you’re an individual, entrepreneur, small business, consultant, coach, book author, independent filmmaker, actor, model, travel guide, work-at-home mom – someone who wants to promote their individual skills and talents or interests – there is immense potential in using blogs to promote your business.

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