Chicago Mattress Store on Page One Google Thanks To Blogging

Andy Wibbels did about his Mattress experience here in Chicago at Sleep City. So, that’s where I went. The service was great. The prices were affordable. I told him our budget range and he showed me a mattress in the range, it was perfect  and I took it! He didn’t try to upsell me anything, in fact, he through in my choice of a free bed frame or deluxe mattress cover! And he waived the $85 sales tax and is delivering it, today, for free! How can you beat that?! That’s good customer service. (Take note BEST BUY…)

 And when you Google CHICAGO MATTRESS STORE that post still comes up on page one, over a  year after it ran originally.  When that post ran originally and even to this day, the owner of the store admits “You wouldn’t believe how many people have come in because of that review on Andy’s blog!”

I think finally, more and more businesses, even local businesses, are understanding the power of blogs. People are starting to GET IT! Andy says, “This is why local businesses should blog. Or give discounts to bloggers in exchange for reviews and posting. You don’t have to be in a ‘techie’ business. If you aren’t findable online you’re dead. Blogs are word-of-mouth made trackable, searchable and archived.

This is why you should be blogging. To forge meaningful relationships globally and locally. Bloggers can help new customers find you, a blog can help you find new customers.”

EVERY BUSINESS CAN BENEFIT FROM A BLOG IN SOME WAY. A website is not enough, you need to be taking full advantage of the opportunities that exist online today!

Turbo Tagger

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