7 Myths About Business Blogs

This list of myths about small business blogs are common.

So many professionals hesitate to get into blogging because of not really understanding the true impact of not doing a blog.

Brian Brown from Pajama Marketing posted this list recently of his top 10 myths. 

Check out this link
, it’s a terrific article in it’s entirety.  Below is a fast summary of our favorite 7 myths:


    1. Blogs are for teenagers, not for professionals  – average blog reader is 18-45.
    2. My business doesn’t need a blog – Yes – it does. NOW! Before it’s too late!
    3. Blogging takes too much time – Once you establish a system, it takes about 3-5 hours a week. 
    4. Creating a blog is hard  – It’s easy. And cheap!
    5. Writing a blog is hard  – It’s easy.
    6. No one is going to read my blog – You’d be surprised! Most blogs get traffic within 30 days.
    7. Blogs are a fad –  no they are not! They are here to stay.

If you remember, you may have had similar feelings about doing a web site for your business. Now, everyone is expected to have a web site. Yet the results from most business web sites are appalling.

Think of a blog as a web site on steroids. Your blog, when done professionally and optimized for business and search engine optimization (SEO), will do the job you dreamed your web site would do: pull in pre-qualified leads to you.

Because you are constantly loading fresh new content, the search engine spiders have all kinds of new ways to find you. Blogs can make your business grow! People will read it. It’s not a fad but I think only the good ones will survive.

And you don’t have to be a writer. You can just be a publisher. Be the resource your clients turn to. There are a gazillion articles out there you can use for your site. Pick the ones that make the most sense, have the most relevance, and post them. Bloggers love sharing articles. And it’s all about linking to each other!

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