Business Blogging Services and WEB 2.0 Optimization

We are  pleased to address your blog consulting,
online marketing and business development needs on a fee-for-service basis.

Today’s networked world is here to stay!
What are you doing to profit from it?
We can help you leverage this unprecedented online opportunity, better, stronger faster!

The scope of talent and solutions we can bring to an organization (or individual) is vast. 

Our team of Resident Experts are seasoned professionals with at least 15 years of experience in their fields and chosen because of their credentials and value-based leadership.

Blogging and Internet Web 2.0 Marketing

Customized monthly packages to take you and your business to the next level via the next frontier – the Blogosphere, Web 2.0 and Social Networking. We can help you with web marketing, web design, web PR, organic search engine placement, sales optimization through LinkedIn and other online networks. We can help you with publishing books, e-books and design.

The Web 2.0 is the next big frontier and you want to be out there in it before your competition-The time to have a blog and/or strong web presence for your business is right now!

More than 80% of small businesses now have their own website, but when it comes to using the Internet Web 2.0 and specifically blogs, to reach out to customers faster, the percentage is far smaller.

Do you fit this statistic?

Learn how you can take your business to the next level using the Blogosphere and other
cutting-edge Internet Web 2.0 marketing tools.

Strengthen your customer base and bring new  prospects to you!
Below is a sampling of the scope of services we may assist with:


  • Clarify blog’s strategy, mission and target audience (with SEO in mind).
  • Name your blog using select/target key search words in domain name.
  • Assist in selection and execution of blogging software and hosting service.
  • Review your online market/services opportunities via Google searches.
  • Identify and prioritize initial key content, potential categories and overall direction.


  • Provide coaching and education on the back end of your blog and how to navigate and execute desired tasks.
  • Share best practices on how to maximize your time spent creating content/postings.
  • Get registered with Amazon, Google AdSense and other affiliate programs.


  • Install affiliate’s banners on blog’s sidebar and promote/coach on understanding of basic HTML source coding for uploading additional banners in the future.
  • Register your blog on select blog registry sites, directories, groups, and forums
  • Identify top blogs/bloggers to introduce your blog to.
  • Implement free detailed tracking analytics into the blog.
  • Optimize RSS feed and an  email subscription system.
  • Develop outstanding blog content/posts with our professional writing/research team.


  • Help you develop press releases on sites such as PR WEB.
  • Evaluate ongoing blog performance reporting through analytics.
  • Explore seeding your articles on content sources/resources.
  • Assist in trading links and getting links.
  • Evaluate if paid directory listings would be of value and seek out examples for your industry.
  • Provide ongoing support and assistance.

We are  coaches and consultants who can help with all of your internet marketing and business development needs. At present, we’re focused on  Web 2.0 strategies for clients utilizing new technologies (blogs, podcast, video podcast) and other social media networks to drive their web traffic, facilitate online communities and conversations and build a “business celebrity” web presence.

We coach clients on understanding the impact of these new technologies to their business and the importance of first mover advantage and SEO discovery over their competitors.

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