There is a Lot More to Publishing a Blog Than Just Throwing Up Some Posts

We had a potential client call us the other day that had an idea. He had heard you could make great money by setting up  a blog and using things like Google Adsense and Amazon. So he wanted to launch 30 blogs. He said he read’s  a lot and could and paste and post onto his sites and become an hub of news and information around certain topics. And if each site yielded a couple hundred dollars a month, he  expected to generate about $6000  a  month.  NOT GONNA HAPPEN!

People thinks it’s easy to publish and run a blog. Even if you want to post 3 times a week –  we tell clients to plan on spending AT LEAST 4 hours a week/ 15 hours a month on their blog. It takes a minimum of 30 minutes to put a post up, tag it, add some hyperlinks, and add a photo, and tag the photo. Usually, more like an hour.

Beyond all of that, you need to go out and play in Social Media Sandboxes at different sites.

Let people know about your blog;

Create useful profiles all over the Internet;

Network with other bloggers;

Join communities and forums;

Leave comments on other blogs;

Get listed in directories;

Minimally, besides posting, you need to be spending 2 hours a month on social media and other strategies. You could easily spend 2 hours a day doing this.  I know bloggers that spend 5 hours per day per blog! It’s an endless task. To get listed in a directory it takes about 15 minutes on average to fill out a form. Then you have to take a HTML back to your site and post it. If you are super fast, maybe 20 minutes total.  Times 12 directories, you are looking at 4 hours right there.

Figure how much time you have  to invest and start networking.  You can easily spend one hour a month at each of these sites.  – It is easy to get overwhelmed. Just do what you can do. And have patience. And know that it is not going to happen overnight. Some blogs see success in the first 6 months. Others can take more than a year to penetrate targeted keywords. There are no shortcuts.  But the more you can put in, the better and faster the pay-off!

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