CONTENT is an Attraction Strategy – It’s SEO and SEM

We get clients all the time, who already produce a successful newsletter and send it out to hundreds of exisiting customers.  The problem is, it is off the radar screeen of the search engines. You have got to take all the content you already are using and allow the search engines to find it! Thus attracting new customers. Let the whole world in on what you are talking about!

We live in the age of search. Everyone is online searching for something. Products, information, answers to questions…your content needs to found by the search engines and put into the hands of potential customers. It’s a simple as that! It becomes search engine optimization for your keywords and search engine marketing to attract new customers.

Content is an attraction stragey. You “push” your newsletter out to people asking them to read it. You “push” your website address in front of people, in the hopes they will read it. What you want to do is strategically place your content online, on blogs, in social media, to “pull” new eyes to your business.

Attraction marketing is the new phrase for an old idea that has re-emerged as a hot new strategy for online selling. Attraction marketing is the ability to literally have people pursuing you rather then you pursuing them.

Attraction Marketing is a new marketing category, a hybrid cross between public relations and journalism.
You can provide valuable information to your customers. The more helpful and valuable your information is the greater the chance those customers will purchase from you. This is the finest form of advertising yourself and PR for your business . 

Good content will  attract prospects to you by positioning yourself as an expert!

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