Still Have Doubts about Blogging for your Business?

I subscribe to Barbara Payne’s newsletter for Really Good Freelance Writer. This week she had a great article that really hits the nail on the head about the value of blogs for businesses as well as some great statistics! She graciously allowed me to reprint the piece here – but stop by her site – she has a lot of great info and provides a great service!

Still have  doubts about blogging for your business?
Guys, it is not a fad. It’s an integral part of the new way of being in the global marketplace.


Whatever terms you use, “Web 2.0” “social networking” “new media” etc., the fact is a blog is part of the new approach to marketing. It gives you a new and powerful way to engage with your prospects and customers. An opportunity to build a personal—albeit virtual—relationship with them at a low cost. Even if you hire a professional blog writer—which you should definitely do if you can’t find time yourself and/or don’t have a staff member who has the skill and can devote the time—the cost, compared to advertising and other methods of reaching prospects is breathtakingly minimal.

Some statistics from a survey of over 2500 Internet users (in Germany, where the corporate blogging phenomenon is only just beginning):

1 out of every 10 Internet users reads blogs
91% of blog readers expect fast responses to questions and comments in enterprise blogs
90% feel blogs should clearly differentiate commercial from non-commercial content.
54% of blog readers form their opinions about products/companies on the basis of blogs.
51% of blog readers visit product and/or corporate sites as a result of reading blogs.
58% of blog readers read them to find news and information they can’t find otherwise.
57% of them are interested in the personal opinions of the authors.

Keep in mind that one thing people are endlessly fascinated by is other people. That’s why it’s so important to have a personal voice in the blog. And even if you’re reporting on something they could find elsewhere on the Internet—there is theoretically “nothing new under the sun”—your post becomes unique when you express your personal feeling about an event, a trend, a circumstance, or a story.

Don’t worry about how many numbers of readers you have.
Don’t worry if you don’t get comments.
Don’t ask for a financial ROI on your blog—it’s not a sales tool.
It’s credibility. It’s a credential for your knowledge and your expertise.
It’s the True Voice® of your company.

And it’s going to pull new eyes to your business, through search!

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