Business Blogging Consultants Featured in the Chicago Tribune

BUSINESS BLOGGING CONSULTANTS was featured in the Chicago Tribune today, in part one, of a 2 part story on blogging. Part one talked about ways revenue can be generated from blogging –  which IS NOT the reason to start a blog. Part two,  should be really good – depending on how the writer edits it down. It’s focus is on what we preach all the time –  the benefits a business can reap from blogging, in terms of  “pulling” new eyes to a business and new ways of being found through keyword search. Watch it for next Monday, June 2nd!

*  Read Part 2 Here.

Derrick Sorles and Michael Snell – We Help “Pull”  New Business To You!
Your Business MD’s– Business Blog Consultants -Web 2.0  Consultants and Strategists 

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