Blogging, Social Media Marketing, Web 2.0 – This is the New Frontier – Don’t get Left in the Dust!

Do you ever feel like you are banging your head against a  brick wall?

For nearly  three years now, we have been preaching the  amazing benefits of blogging, social media marketing and web 2.0 strategies. A few weeks ago, Entrepreneur said,

” Several years ago, the mantra was “Every business needs a website.” Today it’s “Every business needs a website with a blog.” No matter your industry, your prospects have come to expect a blog from your business. “

Business Week, Entrepreneur, Forbes –  they all get it now and are helping to spread the word!

If your business is not utilizing these new tools, you are going to be left in dust. GOOGLE has changed the  way people use search. And by doing so, allowed small businesses to be  “found” in a whole new way that never existed before!

It’s a whole new world out there –  can people find your business and services?

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