Top 7 Free e-books on Social Media & Web 2.0


A lot of people hear us speak about getting on page one of Google and the importance of blogs and social media…but then they have no patience!

They launch their blog in a vacuum, and wonder why their traffic is not growing. It takes time. And it takes networking. That’s where social media comes in. You meet other blogs and bloggers, spread your word, let them spread your word, link to them, get incoming links, encourage conversation, leave comments on incoming comments, comment on other blogs, make friends in the blogosphere, etc.

These are some of my favorite articles and e-books I have come across, that I like to pass onto clients to read.


  1. What is Social Media – A great basic primer –  iCrossing
  2. A Primer in Social Media – Another great place to start and learn – SmashLab
  3. Masters of Marketing – How and Why the Web 2.0 works – Startup Internet Marketing
  4. Effective Internet Presence – Why a website is no longer enough – Effective Internet Presence
  5. Get Viral Get Visitors – WOM marketing with Stacie Mahoe
  6. The New Rules of Viral Marketing – All the rules have changed! David Meerman Scott
  7. Blogs & Social Media – lots of data and research – interesting and intense – PRSA


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