My name is Derrick Sorles and my partner is Michael Snell. We are blog coaches and consultants who can help with your Internet marketing strategies and business development needs on a fee for service basis.

 At present, we’re focused on business development and Web 2.0 strategies for clients utilizing new technologies (blogs, podcast, video podcast) and other social media networks to drive their Web traffic, facilitate online communities and conversations and build a brand/Web presence.

We coach clients on understanding the impact of these new technologies to their business and the importance of first mover advantage and organic SEO and keyword search discovery over their competitors.
I AM AN EXPERT. Don’t be duped by some who claim to be experts.

I have over 25,000 hours of experience, I have case studies, and I have satisfied clients who will tell you my strategies WORK!

E-mail Me!  
dsorles  (at) gmail dot com

PH -(773) 878 – 5323

 Strategic Internet Marketing Business Coach and Consultant, Web 2.0 Strategist and Blog Coach, Social Media Evangelist, Blogger, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Trainer and Certified Group Facilitator.

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