The Mayo Clinic “gets it” – Do You? – The Web 2.0 Benefits for Business


PLEASE tell me you have started a blog or at least, started to participate in Social Media Networking?!  

There was a great article this week about the Mayo Clinic in the Jacksonville Business Journal.

While we preach the benefits  of  Web 2.0 tools for  marketing and advertising, Mayo Clinic was looking to   use the technology to transform the access, delivery and dissemination of health information.


The Internet in its infancy, or 1.0, was all about accessing information. Think WebMD.

But where Web 2.0 describes the onslaught of user-generated content like Wikipedia or Yahoo Answers, Health 2.0 is defined by the use of social software and its ability to promote collaboration between patients and the rest of the medical industry.

Having a company Web site is so five years ago. Social media — the umbrella term for blogs, social networks, photo video and podcasts, and other user-generated mediums — is the new era.

And the possibilities are seemingly endless!

It’s a great article! Check it out!

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