Meta Tags – And Why Blogs Are Better Than Websites

I had a conversation with a client today and  she was very proud to tell me that she spent  $3000  on  some  SEO  work  which included  making  her  meta  tags  very  robust.  Yet, her website still comes up on page 26  for  her  keywords!

It is the belief of many, that Google  places  very little value, if any, on Meta  tags. Again, this is why blogs can give you more lift and better rankings. 

Google  looks  at the title,  the  anchor text of your links, the keywords used in your content, and proper use of tags in a blog.  All of these components, done properly and consistently, will raise you to the top of the search engines! GUARANTEED.

Quit wasting  money  on SEO  for your website.  Anyone can load up a website with a ton of meta tags. But Google is looking for relevance and consistency.

Despite the claims of some SEO companies and many people who have read a forum post about SEO so understand better than anyone how to SEO a website, the keywords meta tag is not used by Google as a part of its ranking algorithm… not even  a tiny bit! People have abused keyword meta tags, so now Google basically ignores them.

Google even blogged about its disinterest in the keywords meta tag here on its Webmaster Tools blog, together with a video showing little Google cares about the keywords meta tag. – There is a lot of valuable info actually in the Free  Google  Webmaster Tools,  under  Guidelines.
You should read it.

Derrick  Sorles
Michael  Snell
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  1. Blogging & Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tips

    Many of us know how important it is to blog in order to grow our business. Unfortunately, many of us

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  3. Thats great, I never knew before this blog.

  4. david says:

    hi, this is very nice post. very good guide to build meta tags. thanks

  5. I think it is still important to have the meta tags written out nicely even if it just for the user experience so when your site does start to rank you can give the visitor something to click on.

  6. your article is so informative and interesting. nice shared.

  7. David says:

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  9. Derrick Sorles says:

    Thank you and valid point.  For many, the challenge is they’re not masters of their web domain and have to rely on someone else at a fee to do so for them.

  10. Derrick Sorles says:

    Thank you!

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