Komens Ship is Sinking with Planned Parenthood Nightmare

komen vs planned parenthood

You do realize the importance now of Social Media, right?

We live in a transparent world people!

We have told clients for years, what a powerful medium this is growing into. As of this month, 800 MILLION people use Facebook! They had 600 million last year.  And Twitter has 200 Million users. That’s a LOT OF CONVERSATION.

Social Media destroyed 3 decades of brand building in just 24 hours. Susan G. Komen for the Cure has been rebranded. In a bad way. 

Planned Parenthood made the announcement – and people around the world weighed in with anger, disgust, revolt and wrath! Within 24 hours, people dropped their support for Komen like a hot potato. They cut $900,000 out of their grant money and it will cost  Komen  MILLIONS and MILLIONS of dollars now.

Komen has faced a massive social media backlash since announcing the decision, with angry people flocking to its message boards and Facebook wall to announce that they will no longer donate to the breast cancer charity.


(FYI – After partnering with Planned Parenthood for the past five years to
provide cancer screenings to low-income patients, Komen announced on
Tuesday that it would sever ties with the family planning provider, and deny their $900,000 grant, because it is under investigation in Congress.
However, the Republican Senator and groups that prompted that investigation are anti-abortion advocacy organizations that have long criticized Planned Parenthood over the fact that some of its clinics offer abortions.

It spread like wild fire – Facebook and Twitter were swamped with pro-Planned Parenthood, anti-Komen comments.  At one point last night, Kivi Miller  did a quick count and found the ratio of anti-Komen’s decision to pro-Komen’s  decision to be about 80 to 1 on Twitter.

Their mission blow up aside, they completely failed to understand how
the Internet works, how news spreads, how a news cycle works, and the
political climate

(That’s another whole story!  The left side – Democrats – are using Social Media at high speed! Speaking out about the Republican’s  hourly! You have to admit, the Republicans have no one solid this year!)

But back to our story –   Komen knew they planned to make this decision for almost 1 year.  Their first mistake was they didn’t break the news, Planned
Parenthood did with a press release. So right from the beginning they
were not in control of the story. The story contained within the press
release spread like wildfire on twitter, Facebook, and on listservs of

And there’s absolutely nothing Komen can do to stop the story now. Even
if they were to announce that the people responsible for the decision
had been fired and the funds were being restored there’s plenty to keep
going. And a door has been opened for all sorts of activism that
wouldn’t have made an impact just 72 hours ago. New dimensions to this
story will surface on their own, or activists will take action to keep
the story going.

At the end of  all this, whenever that comes, Komen will be a completely different organization. By changing their mission and stepping into a political debate unprepared, they will have had their future written for them by others.


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