Organic Search Results are KING

I hope you are measuring your site’s traffic.

I was talking with a client the other day and asked, “so what keywords are people using to find you?” And the client had a glazed look on his face.  Then  I asked, “Do you know how many unique visitors you are getting a day?  or a month?” And the client had no idea.

So installed  Google  analytics into his site and followed up 30 days later. It appears he is getting 5-10 unique visitors a day – but, almost all the traffic is direct hits (meaning they  already know the client and his business  or were referred to the site, from his main website, business card email  signature.) 5%  were coming in by way of pure organic search. That’s not good.  That means he is losing, at the Google game. The “findability”  game.

We have 12 sites.  All of our  sites  attract  70-80% of all my readers, from pure organic search. That means they find me in top Google searches, for the keywords I want to be found for. Last month my 12 sites came up for  over 150,000 different keywords. THAT’s how people find YOU. Not paid place placement. Not paid search.  Pure ORGANIC search.

Organic describes a search that returns results by indexing pages based on content and keyword relevancy. This is in contrast to listings ranked based on who paid the most money to appear at the top of search results. Sometimes this is called “pure” or “natural search” as it is supposed to be “untainted” by commercial payments or bids. If people thought their searches returned nothing but a bunch of advertisements, they would stop searching.

For that reason these organic listings are pure, or at least the search engines want us to believe they are pure. Google has been praised heavily for returning what many have deemed the most relevant search results while keeping their revenue stream clearly isolated from the organic listing results.

As time passes though pressures have degraded Google’s search relevancy. If your site is set up properly, you do your posts properly, position your posts for Google search, THEY WILL INDEX YOU! And you will ATTRACT readers. SEO Tips to Improve Organic Rankings There are many stages to achieving great organic listings.

– Scope out the competition to see how competitive your keyword landscape is.

Decide what keywords you want to use prior to making your site (and before each page), and include them in your meta tags , page copy, page title, and file names when possible. –

Your site should be easy to navigate and search engine friendly. – Submit your site to the directories – and share your site link in Social Networks. – Build a linking campaign. (Link building is the single most important step to EFFECTIVE SEO.) If you are not getting at least, at the very low end 50% of your traffic from pure organic search – you are doing something wrong. Get Help!!

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