Prescribing Web 2.0 Solutions For Your Business

tell me what you dont like


Common answers we hear are, “I hate my website – not enough traffic.”  or  “I don’t have enough customers.”  “GOOGLE can not find me!”  or “I need to reach a wider audience.”

You tell us your symptoms and we’ll help you find the cure.
We are the business M.D.s, Michael Snell and Derrick Sorles.

Utilizing the Internet, we can help bring “pull” new business to you!

You have a website – great!  That’s one seed.
We know where and how to plant a hundred  more seeds because wouldn’t you rather have a full-blooming garden?

85% of People Find What They Are
Looking For by Using Search Engines.

Can Consumers Easily Find Your Business by  Search?

Or look at it like this, if you have only a website today, that’s like having a billboard out in a cornfield on a dirt road.

Wouldn’t you rather have your billboard on a busy freeway where thousands and thousands of people can see it?

New studies show that companies that blog, have 55-75% more website visitors and up to 70-85% more leads per month than those who do not. These stats make it clear that blogging is a critical piece of a company’s inbound marketing strategy.

Let us help you take your business to the next level.

Let us put our expertise to work for you!  Since 2005, we have invested and studied for over 20,000  real time hours. (10,000 hours  makes someone an EXPERT).

With all the noise in the market, it’s hard to sort through the Clutter and Confusion and Identify the Social Media Tools that result in New Sales Opportunities. We’ll walk you through the Tools You Should Use and how to integrate them to help bring eyes to you and/or what you do or offer.

We can be your mentor. We have BEEN THERE and DONE THAT. We can guide you because we know the terrain, the pitfalls and the challenges. We know what to do – and more importantly, what NOT to do! We can save you valuable time and teach you what we have already learned and figured out.

We are your business Marketing Doctors!

Michael Snell, Marketing Strategy, M.D.
Derrick Sorles, Business Strategy, M.D.

Your Business M.D.s
Providing business blog consulting and networking strategies
for your online business opportunities.


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